Joseph L. Wirthlin:

Does history repeat itself? Yes. Today the term security is best defined in the promises of economic kings and politicians in the form of doles, grants, and subsidies made for the purpose of perpetuating themselves in public office, and at the same time depleting the resources of the people and the treasury of the nation. The word security is being used as an implement of political expediency, and the end results will be the loss of freedom and temporal and spiritual bankruptcy. We have those among us who are calling for an economic king, and the voice of the king replies in promises wherein the individual is guaranteed relief from the mandate given to Adam, “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread.” (Gen. 3:19) Disobedience to this mandate involves the penalty of loss of free agency and individuality, and the dissipation of the resources of the individual. These economic rulers have advocated, and do practice a vicious procedure called the “leveling down process,” which takes from the man who has achieved and distributes to those who are not willing to put forth like effort. Taxation is the means through which this “leveling down process” is implemented. Taxes in the United States during the last decade have increased five hundred percent. If such increases continue, it will mean final confiscation of the property of the people.

Conference Report, April 1950, pp. 132-137. Spiritual and Temporal Security.

David O. McKay:

Individual freedom is threatened by international rivalries and false political ideals. Unwise legislation, too often prompted by political expediency, if enacted, will seductively undermine man’s right of free agency, rob him of his rightful liberties, and make him but a cog in the crushing wheel of regimentation.

Conference Report, April 1950, pp. 31-37. Free Agency .. A Divine Gift.

Delbert L. Stapley:

In the field of politics the party is so often first, regardless of candidate qualifications or record or party platform and legislative program. Decisions frequently based on political expediency and not what is best for the people. Selfish ambitions of men in departments of government who also seek to perpetuate themselves in office. Harassing investigations, many of which are either publicity stunts or smoke screens to deceive the public from the underlying motives and purposes. Pressure groups seeking preferential treatment at the expense of the people as reflected in increased tax burdens. The tremendous extravagance and waste in government with much covering up of mistakes and errors.

General Conference, Oct. 1961. Beware of Conspiring Men.

M. Russell Ballard:

Although our journeys today are less demanding physically than the trek of our pioneers 150 years ago, they are no less challenging. Certainly, it was hard to walk across a continent to establish a new home in a dry western desert. But who can say if that was any more difficult than is the task of living faithful, righteous lives in today’s confusingly sinful world, where the trail is constantly shifting and where divine markers of right and wrong are being replaced by political expediency and diminishing morality.

Ensign, May 1997. You Have Nothing to Fear from the Journey.