Ayn Rand:

Fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory . . . both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state.

Extremism, or the Art of Smearing. Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 180.

John Taylor:

The manifestations of turbulence and uneasiness which prevail among the nations of the earth are truly lamentable. Well, have I anything to do with them? Nothing; but I cannot help but know that they exist. These feelings which tend to do away with all right, rule, and government, and correct principles are not from God, or many of them are not. This feeling of communism and nihilism, aimed at the overthrow of rulers and men in position and authority, arises from a spirit of diabolism, which is contrary to every principle of the Gospel of the Son of God.

Journal of Discourses 22:139, John Taylor, The Saints’ Mission is One of Peace, Etc.

Karl Marx:

The first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat lowest social or economic class to the position of ruling class, to win the battle of democracy.” For what purpose? To “abolish private property” to “wrest, by degrees, capital from the bourgeoisie middle class”* to “centralize all instruments of production in the hands of the State.”

* The prosperous part of society. The Middle Class.The Communist Manifesto.

Mikhail Gorbachev:

Religion and the free exercise thereof, the right to worship God according to one’s own conscience — how precious and treasured a boon it is. How necessary that it be safeguarded. Established religion becomes the guardian of the conscience of the people, the teacher of moral values, the defender of belief in the Almighty, the bridge between God and man. No people will live for long in freedom without it. The history of communism, whose founding father declared religion to be the opiate of the people, speaks with harshness and suffering concerning this basic matter.

Gathering of Eagles, June 20, 1991.

Marion G. Romney:

These revolutionists are using a technique that is as old as the human race, — a fervid but false solicitude for the unfortunate over whom they thus gain mastery, and then enslave them.

Statements on Communism and the Constitution of the United States, pp. 7-8, 1964.

Bruce R. McConkie:

Basically and chiefly, communism is a form of false religion; it is one of the major divisions of the church of the devil. It denies God and Christ; belittles Christianity; runs counter to the moral and ethical standards of religion and decency; denies men their agency; wrenches from them their inalienable rights; and swallows the individual and his wellbeing up in the formless mass of the state.

- Mormon Doctrine, 151.

Heber J. Grant:

We hear the voice of one false Christ, echoing from the camps of communism, expounding the devil-devised declaration that religion is the opiate of the people.

- Millennial Messiah, Chap. 5, False Worship Abounds Before His Coming.

Marion G. Romney:

Whenever the God of heaven reveals His gospel to mankind, Satan, the archenemy to Christ, introduces a counterfeit. Isaiah foresaw the time when a marvelous work and a wonder would come forth among men. Isaiah also predicted there would be those who would “seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us?” He saw the time when the work shall say of him that made it, “He made me not” (Isa. 29:15-16). It is well to ask, what system established secret works of darkness to overthrow nations by violent revolution? Who blasphemously proclaimed the atheistic doctrine that God made us not? Satan works through human agents. We need only look to some of the ignoble characters in human history who were contemporary to the restoration of the gospel to discover fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy. I refer to the infamous founders of Communism and others who follow in their tradition. Communism introduced into the world a substitute for true religion. It is a counterfeit of the gospel plan. The false prophets of Communism predict a utopian society. This, they proclaim, will only be brought about as capitalism and free enterprise are overthrown, private property abolished, the family as a social unit eliminated, all classes abolished, all governments overthrown, and a communal ownership of property in a classless, stateless society established.

General Conference, Oct. 1979. A Witness and a Warning..

Ezra Taft Benson:

It is time, therefore, that every American, and especially every member of the priesthood, become informed about the aims, tactics, and schemes of socialistic-communism… The whole program of socialistic-communism is essentially a war against God and the plan of salvation – the very plan which we fought to uphold during the war in heaven.

Conference Report, Oct. 1961, p. 70. Secret Combinations.

Hugh B. Brown:

Three of the major devices that have led men to reject the truth concerning God have been and still are (1) apostate Christianity, (2) the theory of biological evolution, and (3) communism.

Learning for the Eternities, part I, The Character of Deity.

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