Quotes by Orson F. Whitney:

I revere the Constitution as an emanation of Divinity and, I believe, we will yet see the principles upon which this great government was founded, – principles of justice, freedom and equality, – prevail the wide world over .. God did not found this nation for a mere handful of his children. He founded it for all mankind. And when he bound together these United States, it was but a type, a symbol and a foreshadowing of a united world. All nations will yet join hands as these States have done, and this, in my opinion will only be the prelude to a work still greater, lifting from earth that curse which has so long rested upon it, and uniting it as a glorious link in the grand chain of redeemed worlds that circle about the throne of their Creator.

Collected Discources, Vol. 3. 1892.

The God we worship is no respecter of persons, but He is a respecter of men’s rights, and a guardian of them – a fact clearly shown in the heaven-inspired Constitution of our country, and in the Gospel itself, which might be termed the Constitution of Eternity.

General Conference, October 1930, p. 44.

What is meant, then, by equality, as referred to in the Declaration? It is equality before the law it means that all men are equally entitled to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness. It means that the avenues of promotion and ad- vancement should be open to all, as God intended them to be when He sent from Heaven the gospel of salvation, which is no more nor less than a code of laws, a system of principles having in view the eternal progress of man. Joseph the Prophet declared that God in the beginning instituted certain laws, whereby the lesser intelligences surrounding Him might have the opportunity to advance like Himself. They were not equal there they are not equal here they will never be equal in every sense. God will always be supreme. “The Glory of God is intelligence,” and what made Him God, was the superior intelligence that recognized those saving and ennobling principles which He instituted as the gospel of salvation, the means of eternal progress. All men are not equal in capacity, in intelligence, but they ought to be equal in opportunities for progression, and God has made them equal in this respect.

* The Declaration of Independence.
Conference Report, April 1909. The Equality of Man Etc.