Qutes by Joseph F. Smith:

It is a bad thing for men to think the world owes them a living .. I don’t refer to the cripple, or those who are enfeebled by age .. there is a need for them to live, and there is a necessity for us to assist such, but there is no great need in this world for men and women who are able to work and will not work.

Conference Report, April 1898.

Now, those are the Lord’s words. There has been a tendency among some Latter-day Saints, even when the Constitution is mentioned, to say, “There he goes talking politics.” I am not talking politics. I am quoting the words of the Lord. Certainly, it is not meet that we should bring politics into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but just as certainly, it is meet that every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints take the doctrine of Christ into his politics, and that he evaluate every candidate and every platform under any and every political banner in the terms of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If there be any one who would destroy or weaken the Constitution of the United States, oppose him to the limit of your constitutional rights! Obversely, we should support candidates and foster platforms of whatever parties who will protect the sacred Constitution of the United States—that just document of government which was divinely inspired.

* We should in other words vote on principles more than on people.
Conference Report april 1946. Rely upon the Lord.

The Church does not engage in politics its members belong to the political parties at their own pleasure.

The Probable Cause, Improvement Era, June 1903, p. 626..

We want you to be one both in temporal, political and religious things, in fact, in everything you put your hands to in righteousness. We want you to be one, one as God and Christ are one, seeing eye to eye. Do not try to crush anybody, or build yourselves up at the expense of your neighbor. Do not do it it is a custom of the world, and it is a wrong principle.

Journal of Discourses, Vol. 25, p. 251.

This great American nation the Almighty raised up by the power of his omnipotent hand, that it might be possible in the latter days for the kingdom of God to be established in the earth .. His hand has been over this nation, and it is his purpose and design to enlarge it—make it glorious above all others, and to give it dominion, and power over the earth, to the end that those who are kept in bondage and serfdom may be brought to the enjoyment of the fullest freedom and liberty of conscience possible for intelligent men to exercise in the earth.

Gospel Doctrine, p. 409.