Quotes by John A. Widtsoe:

A milk-and-water allegiance kills while a passionate devotion gives life and soul to any cause and its adherents. The troubles of the world may largely be laid at the doors of those who are neither hot nor cold who always follow the line of least resistance whose timid hearts flutter at taking sides for truth. As in the great Council in the heavens, so in the Church of Christ on earth, there can be no neutrality. We are, or we are not, on the side of the Lord. An unrelenting faith, contemptuous of all compromise, will lead the Church and every member of it, to triumph and the achievement of our high destiny .. The final conquerors of the world will be the men and women, few or many matters not, who fearlessly and unflinchingly cling to truth, and who are able to say no, as well as yes, on whose lofty banner is inscribed: No compromise with error .. Tolerance is not conformity to the world’s view and practices. We must not surrender our beliefs to get along with people, however beloved or influential they may be. Too high a price may be paid for social standing or even for harmony .. The Gospel rests upon eternal truth and truth can never be deserted safely.

Conference Report, April 1941, pp. 117, 116.

Let no misconception arise. The Church holds itself aloof from propagandists or parties. In politics, for example, it is neither Republican, Democrat nor ‘mugwamp.’ It tests and measures every man-made policy by the eternal, unchanging principles of the gospel. If a proposed policy is in harmony with these principes, it is approved by the Church, if in opposition to gospel principles it is dissaproved. The ax hews at untruth no matter where the chips may fall. Whether Democrats wail or Republicans weep is of no consequence. The Church is not in politics, but up to the shoulders in the fight for truth, which is the battle for humanity’s welfare.

Evidences and Reconcilliations, p.280, 1943.

We believe that governments are instituted of God that individual freedom is necessary. No law should be passed that takes away from man the right of choice. Free agency is fundamental as a law of human conduct. Men have the right to obey or disobey the law as they please, and take the consequences. That is fundamental and lies at the bottom of all Latter-day Saint thinking.

Message of the Doctrine and Covenants, p. 154.