Quotes by George Q. Cannon:

It is not the intention, in establishing the United Order, to destroy the productiveness of property. It is not the intention to take property* from men who have it and give it to those who have none. There are two extremes to be avoided, one is the disposition of the rich to aggrandize themselves at the expense of the poor. That is what we are trying, in this United Order, to put a stop to, so that we may prevent the growth of class distinctions, the increase of wealth in a certain class, and that class have interests diverse from and frequently adverse to the rest of the community. That is one extreme. The other is this idea, to which I have referred, the anxiety of poor people to get possession of the accumulations of the rich, and to have them divided among them, and a general leveling take place. There is no such idea connected with this order.

* What they own, incl. taking their income through taxes.
Semi-Annual Conference, Oct. 8, 1874. Seek for Perfection Etc.

We have known that these combinations would exist, that they would increase in the midst of the people .. seeking to destroy government, to overturn existing institutions, and to array class against class, community against community.

Journal of Discourses, March 11, 1894.

While the people are pure, while they are upright, while they are willing to observe law, the best results must follow the establishment and maintenance of a government like this but, on the other hand, if the people become corrupt, if they give way to passion, if they disregard law, if they trample upon constitutional obligations, then a republican form of government like ours becomes the worst tyranny upon the face of the earth. An autocracy is a government of one man, and if he be a tyrant, it is the tyranny of one man but the tyranny and the irresponsibility of a mob is one of the most grievous despotisms which can exist upon the face of the earth.

Journal of Discourses 22:133. The Present Condition of the Saints Etc.

There is a difference between priestcraft and Priesthood. Priestcraft builds up itself, it is not authorized of God. Priestcraft oppresses the people but the Priesthood of God emancipates men and women and makes them free.

Journal of Discourses 13:43. Right and Authority of President Brigham Young.