Quotes by Brigham Young:

If the Kingdom of God, or a theocratic government, was established on the earth, many practices now prevalent would be abolished

Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Chapter 36. Earthly Governments and the Kingdom of God.

All governments are more or less under the control of the Almighty, and, in their forms, have sprung from the laws that he has from time to time given to man. Those laws, in passing from generation to generation, have been more or less adulterated, and the result has been the various forms of government now in force among the nations for, as the Prophet says of Israel, “They have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinances, and broken the everlasting covenant.” (Isa. 24:5)

Discourses of Brigham Young. Political Government.

Mobs will not decrease, but will increase until the whole Government becomes a mob, and eventually it will be State against State, city against city, neighborhood against neighborhood, Methodists against Methodists, and so on.

See Isaiah 19:2.
Journal of Discourses 9:1, True Testimony, Preparation for Coming Events Etc.

I want to say to every man, the Constitution of the United States, as formed by our fathers, was dictated, was revealed, was put into their hearts by the Almighty, who sits enthroned in the midst of the heavens although unknown to them, it was dictated by the revelations of Jesus Christ.

Henry, D. The Prophets on the Christ. Liahona: The Elders’ Journal, 26 Dec 1908, 6:678.

Will the Constitution be destroyed? No it will be held inviolate by this people and, as Joseph Smith said, ‘The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread. At this critical juncture, this people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction.’ It will be so.

Journal of Discourses, 7:9. Celebration of the Fourth of July.

I expect to see the day when the Elders of Israel will protect and sustain civil and religious liberty and every constitutional right bequeathed to us by our fathers, and spread those rights abroad in connection with the Gospel for the salvation of all nations. I shall see this whether I live or die.

Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young. Journal of Discourses 11:257. Advice to Lawyers Etc.

Now I want to give you these few words—the kingdom of God will protect every person, every sect and all people upon the face of the whole earth, in their legal rights. I shall not tell you the names of the members of this kingdom, neither shall I read to you its constitution, but the constitution was given by revelation. The day will come when it will be organized in strength and power.

Journal of Discourses 17:154. The United Order is the Order of the Kingdom Where God and Christ Dwell.

When the day comes in which the Kingdom of God will bear rule, the flag of the United States will proudly flutter unsullied on the flag staff of liberty and equal rights, without a spot to sully its fair surface the glorious flag our fathers have bequeathed to us will then be unfurled to the breeze by those who have power to hoist it aloft and defend its sanctity.

Discourses of Brigham Young, p. 360.

What do I understand by a theocratic government? One in which all laws are enacted and executed in righteousness, and whose officers possess that power which proceedeth from the Almighty. That is the kind of government I allude to when I speak of a theocratic government, or the kingdom of God upon the earth .. few, if any, understand what a theocratic government is. In every sense of the word, it is a republican government .. but its subjects will recognize the will and dictation of the Almighty .. The Constitution and laws of the United States resemble a theocracy more closely than any government now on the earth, or that ever has been, so far as we know, except the government of the children of Israel to the time when they elected a king (1 Sam. 8:19) .. The kingdom of God will be extended over the earth and it is written, “I will make thine officers peace, and thine exactors righteousness” (Isa. 60:17). Is that day ever coming? It is and the doctrine we preach leads to that point. Even now the form of the Government of the United States differs but little from that of the kingdom of God .. Whoever lives to see the kingdom of God fully established upon the earth will see a government that will protect every person in his rights. If that government was now reigning upon this land of Joseph, you would see the Roman Catholic, the Greek Catholic, the Episcopalian, the Presbyterian, the Methodist, the Baptist, the Quaker, the Shaker, the Hindoo, the Mahometan, and every class of worshippers most strictly protected in all their municipal rights and in the privilege of worshipping who, what, and when they pleased, not infringing upon the rights of others (A of F 1:11).

Human and Divine Government—the Latter-Day Kingdom Etc. The Tabernacle, Great Salt Lake City, July 31, 1859.

We need to learn, practice, study, know and understand how angels live with each other. When this community comes to the point to be perfectly honest and upright, you will never find a poor person none will lack, all will have sufficient. Every man, woman, and child will have all they need just as soon as they all become honest. When the majority of the community are dishonest, it maketh the honest portion poor, for the dishonest serve and enrich themselves at their expense.

Discourses of Brigham Young, p. 232.

In spiritual things we are one; and we have also got to become one in temporal things as we are one in spiritual things. Brother Kimball has told you that the Lord does not mean that we shall be one in property, in the height of our persons, color of our hair and eyes, in the size and expression of our features, or in the acuteness and vigor of our senses. Being thus physically one would not make us one as the Lord wishes us to be one.

Journal of Discourses 10:339. Necessity of a Living Testimony of the Holy Ghost-How We Are to Be United, Etc.

The adversary presents his principles and arguments in the most approved style, and in the most winning tone, attended with the most graceful attitudes and he is very careful to ingratiate himself into the favor of the powerful and influential of mankind, uniting himself with popular parties, floating into offices of trust and emolument by pandering to popular feeling, though it should seriously wrong and oppress the innocent. Such characters put on the manners of an angel, appearing as nigh like angels of light (2 Cor. 11:14) as they possibly can, to deceive the innocent and the unwary.

Journal of Disourses, 11:233. Opposition Essential to Happiness.