Steve Bonta is an avid student of American history. He attended Penn State, Brigham Young University, and Cornell University where he received a Ph.D. in linguistics. He has been a freelance contributor and contributing editor for The New American Magazine. He is the author of the books Inside the United Nations (2003), which examines the UN system and it’s dangerous objectives and The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic – Lessons for Modern America (2006), which is a warning to our civilization, on the importance of limited government.

Quotes by Steve Bonta:

In the new world order we may anticipate not only world government under the UN, but also, clearly, a State-sponsored new world religion militantly intolerant of religious “fundamentalism.” The globocrats have no intention of allowing freedom of religion under a new world order, and are working tirelessly to create conditions in which religious persecution under a UN-administered world government will be feasible. According to Hans Küng, a theologian influential in globalist circles, “Any form of . . . church conservatism is to be rejected…. To put it bluntly: no regressive or repressive religion—whether Christian, Islamic, Jewish or of whatever provenance—has a long-term future.” Gerald Barney, director of the Millennium Institute, reported that a prominent internationalist once told him: “Religion must die. It is the fundamental cause of virtually all social, economic, and ecological problems and much of the violence in the world.”

Creating the New World Religion, The New American, 3 July 2000, pp. 40-41.

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