John F. McManus, Senior Executive Advisor of The John Birch Society where he has held many positions including Field Coordinator, Public Relations Director, Publisher of The New American magazine, President, and National Campaign Chairman for the STOP the FTAA campaign.

Quotes by John F. McManus:

The EU now has its own constitution with 20,000 laws and 100,000 pages of legal text. It has its own currency, its own central bank, a military reaction force and a fledgling foreign policy. It has executive, legislative and judicial branches. It has its own EU flag, an EU anthem, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, EU motto “Unity in Diversity”, EU passport, EU car license plates, EU Olympics, EU Youth Orchestra, and an annual EU day, May 9th. If this constitution is in fact adopted, by the nations of Europe who have already given up so much of their sovereignty, then they will in fact completely have abandoned it, and you will see the most dramatic consolidation of power in the history of the world.

Robert Welch Council Dinner, May 2004.