Dr. Jack Monnett is the author of several LDS books in preparedness, government, and education. He has taught in the LDS Church educational system. He has also served in the LDS Church both as a Bishop and as a member of a Stake Presidency. Currently he is living in Spring City, Utah, where he also serves as Mayor.

Quotes by Jack Monnett:

According to President Benson, freedom is the major underlying theme of the Book of Mormon. If we read the scriptures but do not recognize this theme, we have missed a giant part of its specific message to our dispensation.

Awakening to our Awful Situation, p. 5

Thomas Jefferson taught that government should be prevented “from wasting the labors of the people under pretense of caring for them.” The Lord said quite succinctly, “Thou shall not be idle for he that is idle shall not eat the bread nor wear the garments of the laborer.” Nevertheless, under pretense of caring for the less fortunate, government has frequently made appropriations from the “haves” to the “have-nots.” This has always been contrary to teachings of the Lord and his prophets.

Awakening to Our Awful Situation, pp. 74-75.