Hyrum L. Andrus is a well-known LDS author who has written numerous books about the history and teachings of the Church.

Quotes by Hyrum L. Andrus:

Governmental measures that foster social programs for the people are basically incompatible with the Constitution. Social measures may require majority approval, but they affect the lives and property of all people within the body politic, regardless of whether or not the individual desires to be so affected. Minority groups are, therefore, very often forced to conform to the majority opinion, either by the pressure of popular sentiment or by the direct influence of government doing the will of the people. Hence the socialized state stands in opposition to the ideal of freedom, and the pluralistic society espoused by the Constitution.

Liberalism, Conservatism and Mormonism.

The world, having largely rejected the Lord’s plan of greater freedom and union, is now caught in the mesh of the welfare state without sufficient insight to develop a dynamic society of freedom and social justice. The social and economic problems of modern times have so pressed themselves upon the world’s free institutions, aided by zealous idealists who are seeking primarily for social and economic justice, that freedom is being sacrificed to the cause of social and economic well-being.

Liberalism, Conservatism and Mormonism.