Byron R. Merrill is associate professor of ancient scripture at BYU. He is the author of Elijah: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, as well as numerous articles which appear in Church publications.

Quotes by Byron R. Merrill:

When leaders of a government seek to control people, making them nameless automatons to further their domineering agendas, they are effectively following Satan’s desire to restrict freedom and are thereby frustrating the plan of salvation. By removing the fruits of choice and accountability, they have compromised the ability of those so oppressed, restricting their chance to experience eternal growth and thus limiting their reach for the eternal promises offered in the Lord’s plan. In civil society, an individual’s freedom of action and expression may be lost through many means. These include war—conquest and enslavement—despotic or dictatorial rulers, the operation and deception of secret combinations, and spiritual darkness or apostasy overtaking a people, such as when freedom in a democratic society declines under the control of an evil majority.

Agency and Freedom in the Divine Plan, Window of Faith: Latter-day Saint Perspectives on World History, BYU, 2005 pp. 161–74.